Why AI Art?

Utilizing server intensive, cutting-edge data collection and deep-learning, our mission is to move the needle in art using artificial intelligence. These paintings made by AI are always a conversation starter for the few in the world who are fortunate to own a work. All our pieces are now trade-able via a Non-Fungible Token marketplace.

How it started
"Sold at a public auction for $432,500"

The first ever AI generated painting was sold in October 2018, for a whopping $432,500. Created by Obvious, and titled, “Edmond de Belamy”, this AI portrait paved the way for the future of AI art. Since then, AI technologies -especially generative adversarial networks (GANs) have rapidly advanced with the ability to generate higher resolution art. AI Art House is one of the companies at the cutting-edge of AI art generation, and is paving the way towards the future of AI art.


These compelling works possess the beauty and intricacy of high end gallery exhibits, however are sold at a fraction of the cost.

We want people to focus on the art itself, explore the visuals and how they make them feel.

For centuries, the art market has been dominated by the tastes and preferences of those in power, leaving so much of the human experience out of the picture, often affecting culture and history in subtle but profound ways.

This is a new era. Artificial intelligence is expanding the world of art by inviting people that are eager to adopt progress into every aspect of their life - even new audiences that did not take interest in art before. In a matter of months, thousands of our pieces made their way to the homes and galleries worldwide that are passionate about showcasing this new combination or art and technology and the numbers keep growing.

"I love seeing how a computer can interpret some of the worlds greatest works and re-imagine them anew"
Transformative AI

Using GAN technology.


Two minds, one critic vs a creator.

Available to the public

Ability to shop AI Art.